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Personalised Embryo Transfer

Personalised Embryo Transfer

Couples opting to undergo IVF can now celebrate as pET- a revolutionary technology is available and can greatly enhance the chances of conception in patients with repeated implantation failure.

Personalised Embryo Transfer or pET is a test that can precisely determine the optimum time for implantation of the embryo in the mother.

pET helps determine how receptive a woman’s uterus is at a particular stage in her menstrual cycle by analysing the fertility factor of 238 genes rather than merely relying on the appearance and structure of the endometrium.

The endometrial receptivity is the time in which the endometrium is ready for embryo implantation. This period is referred to as the ‘window of implantation’. Usually, this is a short period that occurs between the 19th to 21st days of the woman’s cycle. This period may differ from woman to woman due to various factors. In fact, studies show that in approximately 25% of patients with repeated implantation failure, this period is shifted. The pET allows the implantation window to be located and thereby increases the chances of pregnancy much better than the conventional technology method.