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Oocyte & Ovarian Tissue Freezing

Oocyte & Ovarian Tissue Freezing

What is Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation?

Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation is cryopreservation of tissue of the ovary or oocytes of a female. It is recommended for the women who want to preserve their fertility preservation beyond the natural limit, or whose reproductive potential is threatened by cancer therapy. It can be performed on pre-pubertal girls at risk for premature ovarian failure, and this procedure is as feasible and safe as comparable operative procedures in children.




What is the procedure?

In this, the procedure a part of the ovary is taken to carry out the slow freezing before storing it in liquid nitrogen whilst therapy is undertaken. The tissue can then be thawed and implanted near the fallopian, either orthotopic or heterotopic where it starts to produce new eggs, allowing normal conception to take place. A study of 60 procedures to conclude that ovarian tissue harvesting appears to be safe. The ovarian tissue may also be transplanted into mice that are immunocompromised to avoid graft rejection, and tissue can be harvested later when mature follicles have developed.

Know the Objective of Oocyte & Ovarian Tissue Freezing

The primary objective of technologies that will enable long-term preservation of ovarian function and allow the production of viable oocytes in females undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or treatment that is expected to reduce their fertility. Optimize techniques for Ovarian Tissue Freezing and thawing of ovarian tissue for use in transplant or in vitro follicle maturation (IFM).

  • Investigate factors affecting successful maturation and quality of immature oocytes and follicles obtained from ovarian tissue
  • Determine factors, hormones and other culture conditions.
  • Provide a substantial portion of their own tissue to cry preserve and reserve for future use. 
  • Provide long-term follow up for patients who have undergone ovarian tissue frozen for their own use.